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BluesBaby AMPS

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Gibson ES345 Stereo-Mono Cables

Play your stereo
ES-345 into a normal mono amp


Speaker 'Y' Splitter Cables

For amps with only one speaker output



'All-In-One' FX Send/Return Cables


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UK hand assembled cables made to order. Rugged, audibly superior and the BEST VALUE you'll find anywhere. Neutrik plugs on Van damme cable

If you're looking for the cheapest 'fall apart' cables available, please look elsewhere... ClearTone is a thoroughly 'professional only' supplier. All backed by our no nonsense 'Money Back' policy



BluesBaby 45 Overview

Compact in size and price, but big on tone, quality & reliability.

Award-Session’s BB-45 found an immediate place in the hearts and hands of guitarists who worship small low power tube amp, feel and tone. BB-45 delivers that time-tested versatility with capable 'drummer competing' volume, but still in a compact package

The BB-45 BluesBaby, from UK’s Award-Session, nails all the benefits of those little amps but with three times the power and a host of other tone modifying and convenience features too.  BB’s an analogue no-compromises tone machine offering 100% American and British sounds at an unbeatable price

BB uses 'Current Drive' to power its speaker, just like a valve amp does. That's why it sounds like a valve amp! The Guitar Magazine said its "Totally Tweed!"

For many 'modern' players, when they plug a Modeller PreAmp into its STEREO AUX/MP3 IN, it'll provide all the warmth and chime of a real tube amp, that other lightweight SS amps lack! More...

Available with covering, grille cloth, knob and speaker options from only £475.  Online only

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Masters of loud old school analogue tone...
crammed into a lightweight transportable package!


Award-Session makes it easy for you to
create your own custom looking amp!


Celestion Speakers

We stock Celestion Speakers


Tutorial: How To Coil Cables

This video may help you prevent early cable failures and enable
many, many years of perfect service. Thank you for watching


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of our products are subject to change without notice

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Award Session Guitar Amp SOS

Award Session Guitar Amp SOS

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Award Session Guitar Amp SOS

Want your SESSIONETTE amp
or pedal repaired?

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RetroTone Upgrade

Give your old 1980s Sessionette:75 combo a classic 'Old School' tone.
Rich 'on-the-edge' bluesy tones that'll put many 'all tube' amps to shame.
Upgrade designed by Stewart Ward, the original Sessionette designer

More Info, Demos & Prices here

Cleartone CablesSteve Winwood chose
ClearTone Custom Cables
for his Madison Square Garden Concert with Eric Clapton







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