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BluesBaby 22 Standard

Analogue Transistor Amplifiers…
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BB22 chassis does NOT fit a Rockette:30 or Sessionette:75 cabinet - sorry


12/02/2015 Cornford 15W Hurricane Comparison

Using a Gibson Les Paul Special, we compared BluesBaby with a Cornford Hurricane, fitted with a G12 Greenback 25W 8 Ohms speaker

We hooked up the BluesBaby chassis to the Hurricane's speaker cabinet

Result... there was little appreciable difference, except that the BluesBaby had a much wider tone range and is louder!



We are happy to supply retailers, cabinet makers & OEMs with BB to install into your own locally made cabinets

Expert assistance with your project will be provided

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This page is for 'chassis only' format - 100% built & tested

Create your own custom combo
using just the BluesBaby chassis


Control Panel Layout

BluesBaby Control Panel

BluesBaby Chassis

100% Hand Assembled in UK

Based on our revered Jerry Donahue Recording pedal - JD10

Create your own custom looking amp using our
pre-assembled proven 'chassis only' option!

Chassis drops right into any original or
after-market Blues Junior® cabinet

Available 230VAC or 115VAC Operation

Cabinet, reverb pan & speakers NOT included

Each amp chassis includes: 10 x M5 mounting screws
and nickel screw-cup washers to it into a cabinet

Click for FULL combo amp ready to go!

BluesBaby Deluxe Specifications:
  • 22 watts RMS into an 8 ohm load - via our unique logarithmic power amp driver circuitry, fattening the tone as you play louder!

  • As Loud as any 22 Watt valve amp - into a typical 100db sensitivity guitar speaker. Enough to cope with most drummers at small pub gigs!

  • Good amount of clean headroom - up to full 22 watts before distortion sets in

  • Pre-amp based on our revered JD10 (Jerry Donahue) pedal!

  • Pedal capability - add your pedals with confidence, BB 'takes' pedals very well

  • Controls - Volume (Drive), FAT Switch, Treble, Bass, Middle, Master (Volume), Reverb, LED Indicator and 'toggle' Power Switch

  • Post Distortion EQ - Produces wide ranging jazz, blues, rock & country tones!

  • PRESENCE switch - widens BluesBaby's tonal range. Operates at a different frequency range to the EQ Treble control - Not Standard model

  • BLACKFACE/PLEXI Switch - Toggles the EQ Mid centre frequency between approx 300Hz and 700Hz - Not Standard model

  • Reverb - Just plug into a Blues Junior™ unit - Accutronics triple spring type: 8EB2C1B

  • Aux MP3 Input - 500mV rms/22k ohms (Stereo mixed to Mono). Play along to backing tracks at bars or for practise - Not Standard model

  • Toroidal power transformer - for 70% less hum radiation than most amps! Great for P-90 equipped guitars!

  • External 8 ohm speaker jack - Internal speaker disconnects to allow the amp's 1/4" output to be used with external 8 ohm speaker enclosures - Not Standard model

  • BluesBaby™ can drive any size or number of speakers - as long as their total combined impedance is 8 ohms or above

  • The power amp section is fully 'short circuit' protected

  • FAT & Reverb footswitch jack sockets - footswitches not included - Not Standard model

  • White-on-Black 'right way reading' control panel

  • Aluminium chassis - fits directly into a Blues Junior™ cabinet - 415W x 160D x 65H mm (inc 15mm mounting lugs). Could be adapted to fit in 2U rack space

  • Bright blue 10mm power LED indicator fitted standard - Red optional!

  • Each amp chassis includes: 10 x M5 mounting screws and nickel screw-cup washers to it into a cabinet

  • Weight - ~1.65kg/3.63lbs (1.95kg in shipping carton)

  • Standard IEC Mains Inlet Socket

  • 12 Months Warranty

  • Designed and made in Britain!

Only the facilities mentioned above and those below are available. If it's not listed, then it doesn't have it. Sorry

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UK & Europe - 230VAC Operation:

Chassis Only

BB22-DELUXE Chassis Only 230VAC
Price: £199.00 - Includes UK & EU shipping - Add to Cart

8EB2C1B Reverb Pan - Price: £20.00 - Add to Cart
Price when purchased together with the BB22 Chassis

Each amp chassis includes: 10 x M5 mounting screws and nickel screw-cup washers to mount the chassis in your cabinet

The following options can be ordered as well:

Line Out Socket - Price: £10.00 - Add to Cart
Line Out is NOT a headphone output and does NOT have speaker simulation.

Next... select your preferred Indicator & Knob colours. They are FREE options:

Power Indicator - RED - Select
Power Indicator - BLUE* - Select

Arrow Knobs - WHITE - Select
Arrow knobs - BLACK* - Select

* = Standard issue if not specified on your order

All orders are assembled to order only. Please allow 7-14 business days for your custom order to be prepared & shipped


Click for FULL combo amp ready to go!


USA & Canada- 115VAC Operation:

BB22-DELUXE Chassis Only 115VAC - Price: £199.00 - Add to Cart

Line Out Socket - Price: £10.00 - Add To Cart

Please select your preferred AC Indicator & Knob colours...
It's a FREE option:

Power Indicator - RED - Select
Power Indicator - BLUE* - Select

Arrow Knobs - WHITE - Select
Arrow knobs - BLACK* - Select

* = Standard issue if not specified on your order

Deluxe Model comes with: Presence Switch, BlackFace/Plexi Selector Switch & Aux Stereo-Mono MP3 Input already fitted

Each amp includes: 10 x M5 mounting screws and nickel screw-cup washers to mount the chassis in your cabinet

Despatch Time

It currently takes about 7-14 working days to build your amplifier


Customers resident outside Europe, please contact us for a shipping quotation before placing your order

Please Email us for a shipping cost quotation

This includes USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and many more!

Local import taxes must be paid by the purchaser

Please contact us

Our administration & returns address:
Award-Session, 34 Belvedere, Basingstoke, RG24 8GB, UK
No stock is held at this address


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Due to continuing product improvement, the features and the design are subject to change without notice

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Since 1979

created in britain

BluesBaby & Les Paul Special with P-90s

Studio Recorded Audio:
Crunch only

BluesBaby & Les Paul
with Burstbuckers

Studio Recorded Audio:
Clean - Full Drive

BluesBaby & Telecaster

Studio Recorded Audio:
Clean - Full Drive

BluesBaby & ES-335
with PAFs

Studio Recorded Audio:
Clean - Full Drive

BluesBaby & CS Stratocaster

Studio Recorded Audio:
Crunch only

Tracks played and recorded at Platform Studio, Burghfield, Berks, UK by Stuart Dixon. All clips MP3-192kbps.

BluesBaby setup: Standard sized cabinet, speaker Celestion 'A-Type' - All tracks: T=7, B=5, M=5, EQ=PLEXI, Presence on, Drive 5 (Cleanish) or 12 (Full Drive)

Live Demos

The brilliant Jeradine Hume with the PETE HARRIS R&B ALL STARS tearing up Koko Taylor's "I'm a Woman" at the Talking Heads in Southampton 10/10/14

Pete Harris & his 335 using BluesBaby 22 (Reclaimed finish)

Come & Try One
For Yourself Next To A Valve 'Blues Junior®'

Email us to make an appointment to try one out at our office in Basingstoke.



Above: A 'Hotrod®' style cabinet
with BluesBaby chassis installed!

Amp Parts Suppliers:

UK - Ready Made & Custom Cabs:

AF Custom Cabinets - Wales

RoadKill Cabinets - Dorset

Rory Coupland - Warwickshire

Watford Valves (Harma Brand) - Hertfordshire

Zilla Cabinets - Bristol

USA/Canada - Cabs:



Lopo Line/California


Australia - Cabs:

Carlton Guitars


The Speaker Factory


Germany - Cabs:


Tube Amp Doctor


Rep. Ireland

ZD CabDesigns - Beautiful hardwood cabinets


Tolex & Grille Cloths:

Allparts - UK

Banzai Music - Germany

SolSound - UK

Tube-Town - Germany

Tube Amp Doctor - Germany

Reverb Pans/Tanks/Trays:

Award-Session - Hampshire, UK

Watford Valves - Hertfordshire, Herts, UK

Tube Amp Doctor - Germany


If you have found a good supplier not listed above,
please email us and we'll post their details here!

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This was the date that BluesBaby was first used in public!

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